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Legends of Shadow Earth - Where Myth and Magic come to life. Imagine if all the creatures from myth and legend were real. They live in an alternate reality overlaid on our own; a place called Shadow Earth. Their magic allows them to travel between the two realities with ease. These are the stories of Paranormals who are searching for their happily ever after and the villains who will do anything to stop them. Book One Demon’s Desire Deidre is a Succubus who was cursed by a Mage in her youth. Her current Master has summoned her to Earth, and instead of using her body, he’s using her to siphon power to fuel his revenge. His target of choice? The Elite Magical Protection Force. Damien is a Vampire member of the Elite, charged with protecting humans and Paranormals from Paranormal threats. An accidental meeting between the two ignites a passion that threatens them both. When Deidre’s Master forces her to drain Damien’s life force, she must choose between her newfound feelings and the job she’s been summoned to do.





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