The History of the Jetton Family  
  G. Edward Neal


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Jane Gitton

    Jane Gitton was the daughter of Lewis Gitton I and Jane. She was born circa 1705 on Staten Island, New York. Jane is believed to be the Jane Jeton listed on a Staten Island census taken circa 1706 in the "under sixteen" column for girls. 

    According to her father's will, written 1732 in New Castle Co., Delaware, Jane was married to a Bellew.  I believe the records indicate that Jane married Peter Bellew probably in Staten Island or possibly in Delaware. It seems likely that Peter Bellew and Jane moved to New Castle Co., Delaware when Jane's father Lewis I did between 1723 and 1732.

    On the 1706 Staten Island census there is an Isaac Billew age 48, a James Billew age 22, a John Billew age 18, a Peter Billew age 16, a Peter Billew under 16, a Mary Billew under 16 and a Catherine Billew under 16.

     I believe the Isaac Billew age 48 listed on the 1706 census was the son of  Pierre Bellew whose will was proved in Richmond Co., New York on January 1702. I also believe Isaac's sons were the James Billew age 22, John Billew age 18 and Peter Billew age 16 listed on the census. 

    I believe the Peter Billew who was under 16 in 1706 married Jane Gitton and that he was the son of Jacob Bellew and the grandson of Pierre Bellew of Staten Island. In his will, Pierre Bellew Sr. bequeathed £50 to "the two children of my son Jacob, deceased". New Castle Co., Delaware records show that Peter Belew had a son named Jacob who was born circa 1728. It seems likely that he was named after his grandfather Jacob Bellew.

    There are numerous records for Pierre Bellew/Bellieu/Billiou in New York records. He arrived on the ship "St. Jean Baptiste" in 1661 from Pays de Vaud with a wife and four children. His will names his wife Perriye Gerriage, who may have been his second wife, whom he had a "ante nuptial contract" which gave her £10 per year for life, and his children as follows:

1. Isaac Bellew

2. Jacob bellew [references the two children of son Jacob dec'd]

    As stated above, I believe the Peter Bellew on the Staten Island census of 1706, under 16, to be a son of Jacob Bellew and that the Mary or the Catherine, both under 16, may have been his daughter.

3. Catherine Bellew wife of Richard Curtis [references the four sons of my daughter Catherine by her husband Richard Curtis].

    Richard Curtis' will was dated August 15, 1702 and proved April 12, 1703. The will names his wife Catherine and sons John, Joshua, Samuel and Isaac. John and perhaps others moved to New Castle Co., Delaware probably when the Gitton family moved there.

4. Frances Bellew wife of John Morgan [Frances was first married to Nicholas Largillier and had a son Nicholas Largillier Jr].

5. Maria Bellew wife of Arent Prall dec'd.

6. Martha Bellew wife of Thomas Stillwell

    Thomas Stillwell's will was dated May 1, 1704 and proved May 9, 1705. He named his wife Martha, Nicholas Stillwell son of his son Thomas dec'd, daughters Mary, Anne Stillwell, Frances wife of Nicholas Brittan and Rachel Stillwell.

     Martha later married Daniel de Bonrepos.

7. Christense Bellew wife of Abraham Marlet.


The children of Peter Bellew and Jane Gitton 


    Based on New Castle Co., Delaware records, Peter Belew and Jane Gitton had one son named Jacob, who was born circa 1728, and two daughters born circa 1724 and 1726.

    A New Castle Orphan's Court record dated January 21, 1745 shows that Jacob was an orphan and was at least 14 years old since he was allowed to choose his own guardian. The record also states that he was the son of Peter Belew dec'd. Jacob chose Samuel Buckley and Thomas Cook as his guardians.

    There is no orphan's court record available for Peter and Jane's two daughters so they apparently were of age in 1744/45.

     In a deed, dated March 5, 1764, Jacob Bellew of Pencader Hundred and his wife Sarah sold 105 acres situated on the north side of Appoquinimink Creek in St. Georges Hundred to a Frances Thornton. This 105 acres was half of a tract of land owned by Jacob's father Peter, who died intestate leaving only one son and two daughters. 

    Jacob was not the oldest child but he was the oldest son and would therefore have  inherited, as divided by the court, two ¼ shares, or half, of his father's land. Jacob's two sisters would have inherited a ¼ share each, or 52.50 acres each.   

    In Jacob Belew's will, dated 1780, Red Lion Hundred New Castle Co., he named his wife Sarah, a son Thomas and daughters Sarah, Fanny Pryer and Elizabeth.

    Jacob's wife Sarah's will was dated 1783 and she named her son Thomas and daughters Sarah Belew and Elizabeth Gist.

    William Van Bibber, in his will dated 1769, named his nephew Thomas Belew. This indicates that Jacob Belew's wife Sarah was a Van Bibber.


The children of Jacob Belew and Sarah Van Bibber    


1. Thomas Belew

    Thomas Bellew's will was dated 1790, Pencader Hundred New Castle Co., and names his wife Elizabeth and cousins Elizabeth and Sarah Pryor, Patty and Sarah Gest and John Dougherty. 

    Thomas Belew's widow Elizabeth may be the Elizabeth Below who married James Price in Pencader Presbyterian Church on April 9, 1800. Both were of St Georges Hundred.

2. Sarah Belew

3. Fanny Belew

    John Pryor's will, dated 1791 Red Lion Hundred New Castle Co., only names his children Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas Ellot and Margaret Pryor so Fanny was apparently deceased at this time.

4. Elizabeth Belew

    According to the following New Castle Co. Orphan's Court record, and the above will of Sarah Belew, Elizabeth was married to Christian Guest/Gest/Gist.

    February 21, 1786. Christian Guest and Elizabeth his wife vs John Pryor, admin of Sarah Belew who was exec of  Jacob Belew dec'd. Sur citation Returns cited. The defendant appearing and having settled the accounts of his admin is discharged upon payment of fees.

    John Pryor, admin de bonis non of Jacob Belew dec'd produced the account of the admin of the said dec'd's estate. Balance of £536.17.3 half penny remaining in the hands of the said John Pryor, admin de bonis non as afsd.




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