The History of the Jetton Family  
  G. Edward Neal


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    John Jetton was born circa 1722 probably in Staten Island, New York.  He was the son of Lewis II and Rachel. John moved with his father Lewis II and brothers Lewis III and Abraham to New Castle County, St. George's Hundred, Delaware sometime between 1723 and 1732.

     John's father Lewis II died intestate circa 1740 and his mother Rachel, who remarried to James See, was appointed administratrix of Lewis II's estate by the Orphan's Court. John received a ¼ share of his fathers real estate and in May of 1750 sold his share to his brother Lewis III.

    John married Elizabeth Brevard circa 1747 in either Cecil Co., MD or New Castle Co., DE. Sometime after selling his share of land to his brother Lewis III in May of 1750, John and Elizabeth, his brother Abraham and wife Rhoda, three of Elizabeth's brothers, John, Robert and Zebulon Brevard and probably others, left Delaware and moved to North Carolina.

     John, a blacksmith, acquired a 600 acre land patent (4562) on 21 May 1754 in Anson County NC. This area later became Mecklenburg County. This land joined the land of his brothers-in-law John Brevard and Zebulon Brevard and to a point not far from John Gullick's land. Another brother-in-law, Robert Brevard, owned land that joined John Brevard's land. 

     In 1771 John  acquired for £30, 400 acres from John Black and his wife Jean. This land had originally been granted to a Rachel Price on 3 February 1754 and later conveyed to her heirs John and Rachel Black. John and Elizabeth immediately sold 200 acres of this land to their son Lewis for £5.      

     In October of 1762, John's brother Abraham purchased the land owned by the above mentioned John Gullick. As stated above, this land was not far from the Brevard brothers and John Jetton's land in an area that became Rowan County. 

     John Jetton wrote his will in 1787 and died in 1789. He names his wife Elizabeth, sons Lewis, John, Abraham and Isaac and his daugthers Mary and Rachel. He gave his grandson Zebulon, son of Isaac, 40 acres of land that adjoined the land he had already given to Isaac who died in 1786.  

    Elizabeth Brevard Jetton's will was dated 1813 and she named her son Lewis, daughters Mary Thomas and Rachel Huggins and her granddaughter Jemina Beatty.


Children of John Jetton and Elizabeth Brevard


1. Lewis Jetton was born January 24, 1749 in New Castle Co., Delaware. His parents moved to Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina in the early 1750s soon after his birth. He died on September 21, 1826 in Mecklenburg Co. and is buried in the Center Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Davidson North Carolina.

    Lewis married Priscilla Sharpe circa 1772. She was born on September 1, 1750 probably in Cecil Co., Maryland. She was the daughter of James Sharpe, son of Thomas Sharpe Sr., born in Cecil Co., Maryland circa 1727 and died circa 1759 and Jemina Alexander, daughter of James Alexander and Margaret McKnight, born January 9, 1727 and died September 1, 1797 in North Carolina. Priscilla died on May 13, 1838 and is buried in the Center Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Davidson North Carolina. 

    From a deed dated July 19, 1771, just prior to his marriage to Priscilla Sharpe, we know that Lewis purchased 200 acres from his parents for £5. This land was half of the 400 acres that his parents, John and Elizabeth Jetton purchased for £30 on the same date. The 400 acres was described as being on the north side of the Catawba River and was originally granted to a Rachel Price on February 3, 1754.

     On March 15, 1777 Lewis purchased another 150 acres from John Hobbs and his wife Sarah for £30. This land was on the branches of McDowell's Creek and joined John Jetton's line.  

    When his father John died in 1790, Lewis was bequeathed first choice of all Negros not before willed [meaning after his mother Elizabeth chose what negros she wanted] and his brothers John and Abraham would have the next choice in order. Lewis was also bequeathed his father's writing desk. Lewis would also inherit land bequeathed to his brothers if they died without heirs.

    Lewis Jetton's will was recorded in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina in November of 1826. He named his wife Priscilla, daughters Elizabeth, Jimina Beaty, Sally J. Brevard deceased, Mary Gillham, Priscilla and sons John L., James S., Alexander B., Asaph and Isaac Z. Jetton.

    In Priscilla Jetton's will, dated August 8, 1829 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, she names her daughters Elizabeth Steel and Priscilla and son Alexander B. Jetton. She gave her daughter Elizabeth $50 and the remainder of her estate, including Negros Judith with her child Caroline, and boy Franklin, went to her daughter Priscilla. Her son Alexander was to take possession of all the property in order to provide a "decent and confortable support" [for Priscilla]. After Priscilla's death, all of the property went to Alexander B. Jetton.  

    It is obvious from Priscilla's will that her daughter Priscilla was either mentally or physically ill and unable to care for herself. It is also obvious that Priscilla was intent on making sure her daughter was cared for. According to descendants of Alexander Jetton, Priscilla, the daughter, was mentally retarded.

    The Vital Records information for Lewis, Priscilla and their children is based on various sources including Acklen's Bible Records and Marriage Bonds by Jeanette Acklen, which included bibles originally owned by Lillian Jetton and Rebekah Jetton of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  


                  Children of Lewis Jetton and Priscilla Sharpe


1.   Elizabeth Jetton

2.   Jemina Jetton

3.   Mary Jetton

4.   John Lewis Jetton

5.   James Sharpe Jetton

6.   Alexander Brevard Jetton

7.   Asaph Jetton

8.   Sarah Sharpe Jetton

9.   Isaac Zebulon Jetton

10. Rachel Jetton

11. Ezekiel Jetton

12. Priscilla Jetton



2. Isaac Jetton

    Isaac Jetton was born circa 1751 in either New Castle Co., Delaware or Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. His estate was administered in September of 1786.

    Isaac Jetton married Esther Oliphant, daughter of John Oliphant and Jane, circa 1778. Esther was a half-sister to Jane Oliphant who married Isaac Jetton's brother Abraham. Esther remarried James Gillespie sometime after Isaac died in 1786 and 1792 when James became Zebulon's guardian.

Isaac and Esther had one son:

    1. Zebulon Jetton.



3. John Jetton



4. Abraham Jetton

    Abraham Jetton was born circa 1756 probably in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. His will was dated 7 April 1800 and appears to have been registered in will Book D page 97 the same month.

    Abraham Jetton married Jane Oliphant, daughter of John Oliphant and Elizabeth Allison, daughter of Andrew Allison and Anne Simonton, in Mecklenburg Co., NC on 29 May 1787. Jane was a half-sister to Esther Oliphant who married Abraham Jetton's brother Isaac. Jane died in Iredell Co., NC in 1801.

    According to Abraham and Jane's wills, their children were:

1. Isaac Jetton

2. John Jetton

3. Ephraim Jetton

4. Ann Eloise Jetton



5. Mary Jetton



6. Rachel Jetton



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