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Peter Gitton  

    Peter Gitton was the son of Lewis Gitton I and Jane. He was born circa 1703 in New York and is believed to be the Peter Jeton, under 16, listed on a Staten Island census taken circa 1706. Peter was probably named after his uncle Pierre Gitton who was born in La Voulte France and died in South Carolina circa 1688. 

    Peter and his brother Lewis II were named executors of their father's will dated February 18, 1732 and recorded in New Castle Co., Delaware April 12, 1748. Peter and Lewis II were bequeathed bonds that were owned to their father and they were also to share equally "all ye rest of my household goods" except for their father's "french bibol" which was bequeathed to Lewis II, who appears to have been the oldest son and perhaps the oldest child. 

    Peter's brother Lewis II died circa 1740, before their father Lewis I died, and the French Bible may have therefore passed on to Peter as the eldest surviving son. Peter also became the sole surviving executor of his father's will.

    On May 23, 1728, Peter Geton purchased 80 acres for £60 from John Anderson. This land was on a branch of  St. Georges Creek and bounded by Scotts Run and was next to the land his brother Lewis II purchased in 1726, also from John Anderson.

    Peter wrote his will on February 22, 1774 and it was recorded on July 30, 1774 in New Castle Co., Delaware. [Book K page 150]. Peter's wife was not mentioned in the will and is presumed to have died prior to 1774. Peter appointed his son Peter [II] as the executor of his will.1. p

The children of Peter Gitton


1. Peter Jetton II


2. Mary Jetton was born circa 1720s probably in Staten Island New York. According to her father's will, Mary was married to Abraham See, youngest son of Derrick See and Marytie Mary Storm. 

 According to her father's will, Abraham See and Mary Jetton had the following children when the will was written in 1774:

 1. Catherine See was born circa 1740s in New Castle Co., Delaware and and was married to William Burgess whose will was recorded March 8, 1788. Catherine was not listed in the will so she was apparently deceased in 1788.

 Will records indicate that William Burgess had at least three brothers, Peter, Herbert and John.

1. William Burgess

2. Peter Burgess was born circa 1760s in New Castle Co., Delaware. Peter Burgess' will was dated January 13, 1813 and he appointed his wife Martha as guardian to all of his children.  After Peter's death, Martha remarried Samuel Burnham. On April 25, 1820, Samuel Burnham and Martha his wife, late Martha Burgess widow of Peter Burgess dec'd appeared before Orphan's Court to declare that they did not have the money required to give security for the guardianship of the children. The court removed Martha as the guardian.

     On the same day, Martha Burgess chose Leonard Vandegrift as her guardian and the court appointed Leonard Vandegrift as guardian to Elisa Ann, George Outten and Sally Ann Burgess, minor orphan children of Peter Burgess, dec'd. Christopher Vandegrift was the surety.

3. Catherine Burgess


2. Mary See


3. Peter See



3. Esther Jetton was born circa 1720s probably in Staten Island New York. According to her father's will and records of the Holy Trinity [Old Swedes] Church, she married Maurice "Morris" Williams in April of 1756.

    Maurice Williams was the son of Roger Williams and Margaret of Pencader Hundred New Castle Co., Delaware. Roger Williams' will was dated July 12, 1741 and recorded October 5, 1741.  

    In his will, Peter Jetton I bequeathed £50 to his daughter Esther, wife of Morris Williams, and a "Negro girl named Sinah that is now living at James Eves"

    Maurice Williams died intestate in 1778 and on November 20, 1778 his son Peter Williams became the guardian of  Maurice and Esther's minor children, Isaac, Thomas, Jacob and Maurice Williams.

    Esther Williams was appointed administratrix of her husband's estate and on February 18, 1779 provided an account of the estate to the New Castle Co., Orphan's Court. There was a balance of £1492.16.4 in the account.

    Maurice Williams owned 150 acres that normally would have been divided equally among the children less the one third of the land Esther would have as her legal dowry rights. In some cases, however, it is simply not feasible to divide the land into smaller parcels. In these cases, "subscribers" of the court estimate the value of the land and the heirs are paid "rents" by the person holding the land, who in this case was Peter Williams as the oldest son.

    The oldest child also had the option of buying the land but it appears Peter decided to pay his siblings rent instead.

    The land contained "a good brick dwelling house in good order, a frame kitchen, the roof much worn, log smoke house intolerable repair, a good square log barn, plank floor, shade stable in good repair two barracks for grain and hay and small apple and two small peach orchards, the guardian Peter Williams may clear the woods that stand in the new field lined and adjoining to Dr. William McMechen's plantation and not to clear anymore land on said premises". The yearly value was estimated at 80 bushels of good merchantable wheat and 80 bushels of good merchantable Indian corn as an annual rent.

    On 16 April 1782, Isaac Williams petitioned the Orphan's Court stating that the valuation of the plantation whereon his father Morris Williams in his lifetime lived was unjust because it was based on Continental depreciated money. The court ordered that freeholders go upon the premises and make a just estimate of the annual value. 

    According to a petition filed by her son Peter Williams to the Orphan's Court on April 6, 1790, Esther Jetton Williams remarried a Thomas Magee. The petition was for freeholders to divide the land of Maurice Williams Sr. among the heirs.


      The Children of Maurice Williams and Esther Jetton

1. Peter Williams was born circa 1759. When his father Maurice died in 1778, Peter became the guardian to his brothers Isaac, Thomas, Jacob and Maurice Williams Jr. Peter Williams married Ann Thomas, widow of David Thomas and daughter of Isaac Alexander Sr. and Jane.  

2. Martha Williams was born circa 1757. She married William Morgan of New Castle Co., in January 1787. Peter Jaton and Samuel Allen witnessed the marriage.

3. Isaac Williams was born circa 1761. He and his brother Jacob settled in Virginia by 1790. 

4.Thomas Williams was born circa 1763. He died soon after reaching the age of 21 and left no issue.

5. Jacob Williams was born circa 1765. He and his brother Isaac settled in Virginia by 1790.

6. Maurice Williams was born circa 1770. His birth year is based on the fact that he was still a minor in 1790 so he would have been born in 1770 or later.


4. Rachel Jetton was born circa 1720s probably in Staten Island New York. According to her father's will, she married William See, son of Derrick See and Marytie Mary Storm..

    Rachel's father Peter I bequeathed her £50 in his will dated 1774. 

    In 1757, William See's father Derrick See bequeathed William and his brother Richard, 304 acres in St. Georges Hundred to share equally. On November 26, 1768, William bought Richard's 152 acres for £300.

    William See's will was dated November 5, 1794 and recorded November 17, 1795 in New Castle Co., Delaware. William bequeathed his "beloved" wife Fanny, several items including a third of his personal estate, including her dowry right of a third of his real estate, her riding mare with a new bridle and saddle, etc. William also bequeath Fanny a negro woman called Eve for her use during her widowhood.

    William bequeath his dwelling plantation to his son William, who apparently was under 21 in 1794, and the remainder of his estate and was to be given a liberal education. If William Jr. should die before becoming 21, however, the "farm" was to go to William Sr.'s two grandsons, William See Stilwell and Richard See Stilwell. 

    If William Jr. and the grandsons die before reaching 21, the "farm" would then go to his wife Fanny and Peter Jetun, the eldest son of his brother-in-law, Peter Jetun [II].

    William Sr.'s two grandsons were apparently the sons of a daughter who was deceased when he wrote his will in 1794 and he bequeathed them £50 each. According to the will, their father was still living but the two grandsons were living with William and Fanny. William's desire was that they remain with Fanny for three years after his death unless their father should choose to take them.

    William Sr. named his wife Fanny as the executor of his will along with Robert Armstrong his brother-in-law.

    Base on William See's will, and the will of Peter Jetton I, William's first wife was Rachel Jetton, who apparently died sometime after 1774. William then married Fanny Armstrong. 



5. Sarah Jetton was born circa 1720s probably in Staten Island New York. According to her father's will, she married Richard See, son of Derrick See and Marytie Mary Storm.

    Sarah's father Peter I bequeathed her £50 in his will dated 1774. 

    On May 4, 1768, Richard See paid £520 for a plantation with 520 acres. The land was located between Sassafras Creek and Cat-Tail Branch in Appoquinimink Hundred, New Castle Co. 

    On November 26, 1768 Richard See and his wife Sarah sold a plantation with 152 acres to his brother William See for £300. The 152 acres was half of the land owned by Derrick See and was bequeathed by him to his sons Richard and William to share equally. The land was in St. Georges Hundred and bounded the Congregation of St. Georges Meeting and land owned by Aaron Boorom.

    Richard See's will was written December 20, 1792 and recorded January 19, 1793 in New Castle Co., Delaware. The will does not mention a wife so it is presumed that Sarah died prior to 1792.

    Richard See bequeathed all of his real and personal estate to his two sons, Abraham and William to be divided equally and named them both as executors. If for any reason there was a problem in dividing the estate, the two sons were to use two or more neighbors to decide the issues.


The Children of Richard See and Sarah Jetton

1. Abraham See was born April 6, 1740.

2. William See was born circa 1745.


6. Female Jetton



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