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Roger Neal

Roger Neal was the youngest son of David and Joannah Neall. He was born circa 1735 in Amelia County Virginia where he died in 1785. Roger married Ann Hatchett, who was born in 1742, daughter of William Hatchett and Margaret Remay Neall. Margaret Remay was first married to Roger's uncle John Neall and married William Hatchett after John's death. In William Hatchett's will, dated August 28, 1784, it states that his daughter "Ann Neal, deceased, formerly the wife of Roger Neal", so Ann died prior to 1784.

On January 25, 1758, David Neall gave his sons Roger, Stephen and William each 100 acres on Beaver Pond Beach. David also gave Roger "the land and plantation whereon I now live". Other deed records show that Roger lived on the South Fork of Beaver Pond Beach of Deep Creek.


The children of Roger Neal and Ann Hatchett

1. David Neal  


 2. Thomas Neal


3. John Neal


4. Archibald Neal


5. Tabitha Neal


6. Abraham Hatchett Neal was born in 1774 in Amelia County Virginia. He married Eleanor "Elly" Short in Halifax County Virginia on May 25, 1803. Abraham primarily lived in Pittsylvania County Virginia but owned land in Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties. He was closely associated with his brother Thomas who lived in Halifax County and according to deed records Abraham may have lived in Halifax County at one point. Although Abraham owned several hundred acres of land, the 1850 census lists him as a shoemaker with a real estate value of $200.


1. Nancy Neal was born in 1810 in Pittsylvania County Virginia.



2. David J. Neal was born in 1815 in Pittsylvania County Virginia. He married Martha Burnett, daughter of William Burnett, on February 26, 1833 in Pittsylvania County. Martha died prior to 1877 and David remarried Martha A. Merricks, a widow born in Halifax County and a daughter of Joel Mustain. The 1860 census lists David as an overseer and the 1880 census lists him as a farmer.

David's first wife Martha Burnett was the mother of all his children.


1. John W. Neal

2. Susan Neal

3. Betsy Neal

4. Abraham Thomas Neal was born on June 10, 1842 and died April 1, 1903. He was born, lived and died near Java Pittsylvania County Virginia. He married Mary Ann Elizabeth Owen on September 16, 1865 in Yanceyville North Carolina. She was the daughter of Miles Standish Owen and Mary Ann Dawson and was born on September 30, 1848. Mary died at the home of her daughter Mrs. C. Ross McDowell in Brookneal Virginia. Brookneal was named after the Brook and Neal families. Abraham and Mary are buried in the family cemetery on the old home place near Java.

Abraham enlisted in the Confederate Army on August 28, 1861 and according to his records served in Co. G, 53rd Va. Infantry. His son George W. Neal stated that his father was in General George E. Pickett's Division at the battle of Gettysburg. He further stated that "he was wounded by a bullet passing through his chest and body; while lying wounded, face down, a bomb exploded over him leaving a depression in one buttock that remained with him altho later he weighed up to 300 pounds; the joint was not affected; the union Army put Abram in a hospital at Philadelphia; when he recovered he was exchanged and was at Appomattox when Lee surrendered".


1. William David Neal was born on September 16, 1866 near Java, Pittsylvania County Virginia. He died on November 19, 1946 in Pittsylvania County. He married Mary Lou, "Lucy", Fitzgerald in Pittsylvania County on November 23, 1890. She was the daughter of Samuel Fitzgerald and Henrietta Hardwick and was born in Pittsylvania county Virginia on March 3, 1872 and died in 1914. William, or Willie as he was called, remarried to Miss Mollie Cox who survived him.

1. Thomas Fitzgerald Neal

2. Mary Maude Neal

3. William Burdette Neal was born in Pittsylvania County Virginia in 1895. He died in 1944 in Knoxville Tennessee. He and his sister Maude moved to Packard Kentucky and then William, or Coot as he was called, moved to Knoxville. He married Eura Petry who survived him and was living in Florida in the 1960s.

1. Margaret Ann Neal

2. Patsy Louise Neal

3. William Petry Neal

4. Downey Neal

5. Douglas Neal

6. Eben Neal


2. James T. Neal

3. Robert L. Neal

4. John E. Neal

5. Ida V. Neal

6. Alice Otis Neal

7. Richard B. Neal

8. Charles W. Neal

9. George W. Neal

10. Mary Lou Neal

11. Ernest P. Neal

12. L. Kate Neal

13. Bessie B. Neal



5. David Neal

6. Nancy Neal

7. Fanny Neal

8. Catherine Neal


3. Martha Neal


4. William Neal

5. Tabitha Neal